Cherokee Bluff High School | 6603 Spout Springs Rd., Flowery Branch , GA


Program Expectations

The young athletes who decide to join the program at Cherokee Bluff will be instructed in the fundamentals of the sport of wrestling.  They will learn proper techniques, strategies, conditioning, nutrition, goal setting and discipline.  Whether one is a beginning wrestler or one who has been involved in the sport for many years, he can expect to excel in our program.  A strong work ethic, high commitment level and good sportsmanship will be emphasized by the coaches and will be expected of each wrestler. Each day should be an opportunity to improve oneself with the ultimate goal in mind of being the best YOU can be.  We do not expect every wrestler to be a section or state champion.  What we do expect –and demand- is that each wrestler strives to be the very best that they can be with the tools that they have at hand.  That success level will be measured differently for each wrestler and will be based on individual athletic ability, experience and desire.  The level of commitment and discipline required to be successful in the sport of wrestling will be carried by these young people for the remainder of their lives. Keep in mind that we are at a level of competition where a certain amount of competitiveness is expected.  We all want to win matches, with area, sectional, and state titles being major goals.  We will set team and individual goals based on the experience level of the team members and will do everything we can to achieve those goals.  What we will not do though, is sacrifice good sportsmanship and ethics to achieve it.  We want to develop character along with a well-trained athlete.


 Wrestler Expectations 

-Participating in a high school sport requires a big commitment of your time and energy and as such, you must budget these things accordingly.

-Follow all team and school rules.

-ACADEMICS: Stay on top of your schoolwork.  You must maintain a 70% average.  This is only a “C” average.  You should not be satisfied with that. You CAN and SHOULD do better!  Communicate with teachers and coaches so you will be aware should a problem arise.  Don’t wait until grades come out and it’s too late.

-COMMITMENT: High school sports in general and wrestling in particular require an incredible amount of dedication and commitment.  It is important for each wrestler to take this commitment to the team very seriously.

 -Be at practice on time each day with all gear ready to go 

 -Eat right and get plenty of sleep.  Wrestling is the most demanding sport – both physically and mentally.  It takes a lot of energy to get through practice each day and wrestle several matches each week, besides keeping up on school work.  Budget your time so that you can get 8 hours sleep every night.  Eat healthy meals to insure that you have the sufficient “fuel in the gas tank” to get through the day with the proper energy and attitude.

-Be dedicated to improving yourself each day.  Work hard and listen to the coaches.

-ATTITUDE: Wrestling is a contact sport.  It takes certain toughness to make it through each day.  We realize that not everyone possesses the same amount of athletic ability, but everyone has the ability to improve himself.

-ABSENSES:  Attendance at all team events is MANDATORY.  You will not be permitted to miss wrestling events for any reason other than severe illness, death in the family, family emergency.  School discipline and family vacations during the season will be treated as unexcused absences. Missed practices may result in loss of match time, not being able to attend trips, and/or possible dismissal from the team.

-Be on top of weight management. 


Parent Expectations

-We are not a “win at all cost” program.  We want to be successful and have a winning program, but we want to achieve this through teaching proper technique, a good work ethic, and good values.  A certain amount of understanding and sacrifice must be made by the parents for each athlete to achieve the most of their experience.

-We expect a certain level of commitment from each wrestler.  Without that commitment, he cannot succeed.  We would like your help to insist and encourage your son to make and follow through on that commitment.

-Please communicate any concerns, problems or questions to the coaching staff.  We want to help.

-Support your child (and support the team) by attending as many competitions as possible.

-Please volunteer to help support the program when possible.

-Assist your child in maintaining a positive attitude by being supportive of the child, their teammates, and coaches.

-Support disciplinary action deemed by the school perosonnel to be in the best interest of the child and the program.