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Miles Per Week (MPW)



   There are a couple of summer training assignments (25/ 30/ 35/ 40/ 45/ 50 miles per week). You will be put in one of these. See the Summer Mileage Assignments – Miles per Week (MPW)” below.


• - New Runners: Start with the 25 MPW plan. Give it 3-4 weeks and if it is too easy for you talk to Coach Brick about moving up to the 30 MPW plan.

•- Returning Runners: See the chart below for your MPW assignment. Email Coach Brick if you have any questions.


      Summer Training mileage plans will be posted on the cross country website this week. They are designed to start on Sunday, May 17.

      Athletes should use the next 3 weeks to gradually build up their mileage. The following guidelines should be used over the next 3 weeks:

          o Week 1 (May 17th-May 23rd) – run 5 days that week – 30-40 minutes runs (unless otherwise noted)

          o Week 2 (May 24th-May 30th)– run 6 days that week – 30-40 minute runs w/ Saturday being longest run of the week  (unless otherwise noted)

          o Week 3 (May 31st- June 6th) – run 6 days that week – 40-50 minute runs w/Saturday being longest run of the week &  cross training  (unless otherwise noted)

      Miles run during the next 3 weeks should still be logged on VDOTO2:  and will count as bonus miles for summer training incentives!


VDOTO2: If you need an account email Coach Brick.