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Mileage Club


Cross Training Miles:

Cross Training helps our injured runners stay in shape when injured. It is also a way to increase fitness when healthy. I challenge runners to complete 3-4 cross training sessions a week in addition to running our everyday miles. It is not a replacement for running. It is a supplement for running. It will help to keep our top end mileage lower while still encouraging fitness.


Cross Training Rules:

Activities: Elliptical Running, Swimming, Aqua Running, Spin Bike, & Treadmill running (at least 1% incline).

Exercise Intensity:  Heart Rate has to be high like it would be for running.

                                     -    Every 10 minutes = 1 mile of Cross Training

All Cross Training should be logged as cross training in your running log with the minutes listed.  

                                                              Summer Mileage:

Returning Runner Minimum Summer Mileage: This mileage must be run over the 10 week summer (???-????) for all returning runners.  Anyone not meeting the standard will risk removal from the team. Any exceptions require approval and a running plan by your coach. 




225 Miles (22.5 miles/wk)


250 Miles (25  miles/wk)


275 Miles (27.5 miles/wk)


275 Miles (27.5 miles/wk)



Mileage Club:

 Summer Miles are from ??? May ???-???? August ???.  Runners that attend at least 12 summer running sessions & run/log the Summer Mileage in the 10 week summer running period will receive an award to acknowledge their accomplishment. This includes any bonus mileage (??? - ????) and cross training mileage (no more than 10 miles a week) in your log.




500 Miles (50 miles/10 wk)


400 Miles (40 miles/10 wk)


325 Miles (33 miles/10 wk)